The Founders - Podge & I

Our dog Honey (a.k.a Podge) is 10 years old now, and over the years I have met some wonderful people that I have learnt some amazing life-long skills from, in dog training and dog nutrition.

Our 'One Podgy Dog' story, starts a few years ago with my partner & Podge, he calls her his "best eating friend". Sharing many meals of fish & chips and all sorts of other naughties that dogs shouldn't be eating, she started to gain weight and aquired the nickname Podge. Because of the weight gain, accompanied with her age, she developed Arthritis. This was our cue to start being serious about dog nutrition, in order to get the best quality life we could for her.

So long story short, we now have a wonderful range of products, that are fun, interesting and are great for our dog's nutritional needs.

We hope you enjoy bonding with your dogs through our treats, as much as we do with Podge.