Precious Pup Shampoo

This moisturising shampoo is a soothing blend of aloe vera and collodial oatmeal. Perfect for sensitive skin, puppies, long coats and dry itchy skin. An addition of gentle fragrances, of pink grapefruit, key lime, pink jasmine and rose, makes them smell fab!
Ingredients are:
Castor oil
Collodial Oatmeal
Aloe vera
Sodium laureth sulphate
Goegard (Natural preservative)
Sodium chloride
Fragrance of pink grapefruit, key lime, pink jasmine, rose
375ml easy squeeze bottle.
Here at One Podgy Dog, we pride ourselves on a wonderful skincare range, that only has what is needed to give fantastic results. There are no extra nasties added like parabins, that are in many other dog shampoo's that are avalible.