Make It Better Butter

Does your dog get a rash, hot spots, or scratches that need you to 'Make It Better'? Well, this is the perfect thing for all of the above. With a special blend of Calendula, Honey and Aloe vera, this soothing cream is great to put on your dog's skin, to sooth those irritations. Calendula is known as a super healer for the skin, you will see the results!
Ingredients are:
Aloe vera
Karanja oil
Coconut oil
Soya wax
Chlorhexidene digluconate
Shea butter
Cocoa butter
Spring water
120ml easy open/close container. Please note that each batch is hand made and may be slightly different each time in colour due to the Calendula season :)
Here at One Podgy Dog, we pride ourselves on a wonderful skincare range, that only has what is needed to give fantastic results.