Sheep Ears Seconds (BULK)

These 'seconds' ears may be over dried or mis-shaped but are still an awesome treat that is great value for money. 
Sheep ears are an "ear-isistable" treat that dogs go crazy for! They're a nice soft treat that is excellent for teething puppies, or a clean treat for "inside the house" chewing. Long term chewing of Sheep ears can also help prevent plaque build up on their teeth. They also don't discolour fur on white, long coated dogs around the mouth and are packed full of Chondroitin and are low in fat.
Just make sure once you receive the sheep ears, you lock it away in a safe place... a dogs nose can hunt this delicious treat down anywhere and they may be tempted to eat the lot if they get the opportunity! :)

This is such great value it gets you 2 x 500gm bags.